MODBUS Differential Pressure Transmitter

Brand: Xi'an UTOP Measurement Instrument Co, Ltd

UIB6-D MODBUS Differential Pressure Transmitter is an intelligent differential transmitter with high measuring accuracy and good long term stability. Its performance is reliable.

This product is made of special wide-temperature LCD display and high stable sensor, and using precise digitization temperature compensation and non-linearity revision technology to guarantee its measuring accuracy & stability.

RS485 main line facilitates network pressure measurement system easily.

UIB6-D MODBUS Differential Pressure Transmitter is suitable for pressure measurement and control in water and electricity, chemical industry, urban water supply, etc.
  • Have 4~20 mA output and RS485 communication function simultaneously
  • 10 selectable engineering units: kPa, MPa, °C, Pa, bar, mbar, mmHg, kgf/cm², mH₂O, psi, m
  • This MODBUS differential pressure transmitter has digital temperature compensation, digital communication technology
  • Against thunder stroke technology, zero self-steady technology
  • MODBUS RTU protocol (RS485 interface)


Pressure Medium

  • Gas or Liquid Compatible to Stainless Steel

Pressure Ranges

  • 0 ~ 0.1...35 bar

Overload Pressure

  • 200 % Full Scale (Positive Side)
  • 100 % Full Scale and 10 bar [choose the smaller(negative side)]

System Pressure

  • 1000 % Full Scale

Output Signal

  • 4 ~ 20 mA


  • Modbus Protocol (RS-485 Interface)


  • 0.1 % FS, 0.25 % FS (Standard), 0.5 % FS


  • Dynamic 5 Digit LCD (Range: -32767 ~ 32767)

Load Resistance

  • RL = (U-12 V)/0.02 A (4~20 mA Current Output), U-Loop Voltage (V)

Supply Voltage

  • 12 ~ 36 Vdc

Compensated Temperature Range

  • -10° ~ 70° C

Operating Temperature Range

  • -40° ~ 85° C

Display Unit

  • kPa, MPa, ° C, Pa, bar, mbar, mmHg, kgf/cm², mH₂O, psi, m

Process Connection

  • G1/2” or others

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