RFID Sensor

Brand: Aplisens S.A.

The device is used to control open/closed status of various hatches, doors, crates and as a position and operation sensor. RFID technology guarantees maximum security, reliability and failure-free operation, unlike magnet-based or inductive devices.
  • Easy to mount
  • Reliable technology
  • Resistant to magnets and other elements
  • Resistant to other transponders


Power Supply

  • 16-32 Vdc, Max. 35 V

Current Draw

  • 45 mA


  • Air: 0 to 40 mm
  • Metal: 0 to 15 mm

Operating Temperature

  • -25° to 80° C

  • Control Open/Closed Status of Various Hatches, Doors, Crates and As A Position and Operation Sensor


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