L722 Lumber Stack Probe Sensor

Brand: Wagner Meters

Don’t miss hidden moisture! 

Designed specifically for use with the L622 handheld meter, the stack probe allows you to reach wood inside the stack where high moisture exists/lurks.

The L722 – an attachment for the L622 hand meter – is built rugged and able to take accurate moisture readings inside the heated kiln – even when in-kiln temperatures heat lumber to 200° F (93° C) or more. 

It can also be used to check moisture content when lumber has been removed from the kiln and put into storage prior to planing.

This combination of the L622 hand meter and the L722 stack probe sensor allows the user to store readings taken either inside or outside the kiln, and download the information into reports. 

The information can then be used to help a mill improve its moisture content quality control procedures.
  • Probe hinge assembly is resistant to breakage when overstressed.
  • Metal extrusion provides durability and ruggedness for mill environments.
  • Leaf spring design ensures proper contact with the lumber for more accurate readings. The springs are user replaceable if damaged.
  • Sensor Probe Head is easily detachable from the extrusion for field servicing.
  • Spare Sensor Probe Heads can be purchased separately.
  • Available in Long (L) and Short (S) lengths.

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L722 Lumber Stack Probe Sensor - 27.75"
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L722 Lumber Stack Probe Sensor - 40.5"
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Probe Reach

  • Long: 40.5”
  • Short: 27.75”

Extrusion and Sensor Head Thickness

  • 0.5”

Sticker Thickness Range

  • 0.5” to 0.9”

Scanning Area

  • 2.5” x 2.5”

Scanning Depth

  • 1”


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