UZ-2 Overvoltage Protection Circuit

Brand: Aplisens S.A.

The UZ-2 protection circuit is designed to provide overvoltage protection for measurement transmitters and auxiliary devices. The most common types of overvoltage which cause danger to measuring apparatus are:
  • Voltage and current pulses in the signal line, caused for example by a break in the induction circuit, the effect of high frequency circuits or high-power energy supply devices
  • Overvoltages caused by atmospheric discharge
Note that the UZ-2 may not be used as a basic lightning protector, but only as additional protection for a measuring device.

The UZ-2 is a type of barrier consisting of diode transiles, resistors and gas arresters.

The barrier provides protection by limiting the size of the voltage which can be applied to the protected device to the voltage of the diode transiles, i.e. approximately 43 V in the case of static overload. Both leads of the signal line are protected independently of each other.

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UZ-2 Overvoltage Protection Circuit - Wall mounted version
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UZ-2 Overvoltage Protection Circuit - Rail mounted version
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Working Current

  • 150 mA

Output Signal

  • 36.5 Vdc


  • Rail-Mount
  • Wall Mount

Environmental Protection

  • IP65

Certifications & Approvals

  • EMC
  • RoHS

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