S-TK-P Flanged Seals With Extended Diaphragm Direct Diaphragm And Cleaning System

Brand: Aplisens S.A.

S-TK-P diaphragm seals are special execution of flanged seals with extended diaphragm S-TK–DN100 / T = 100 mm with additional diaphragm cleaning system. 

S-TK-P are applicable to the measurement of very viscous medium. Cleaning system allows to clean membrane without dismounting diaphragm seal from the application. 

Cleaning medium (e.g. water) is supplied to the membrane surface via two channels placed inside the diaphragm seal. 

Cleaning is performed periodically with intervals suitable to the measured medium. Flushing channels are ended with two " ” ball valves in the back of diaphragm seal.


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