High Temperature Pressure Transmitter

Brand: Xi'an UTOP Measurement Instrument Co, Ltd

UMPB Series Melt Pressure Transmitters are developed from strain gauge technology. The UMPB are constructed with a full bridge strain gauge circuit and 100% made from stainless steel material.

In addition, the pressure diaphragm features a surface treatment with special alloy coating for all the UMPB models.

Both the rigid stem and flexible extension provide thermal isolation to UMPT’s electronic circuitry, which enable UMPB suitable for melt pressure and melt temperature measurements.

UMPB-a Melt Pressure Transmitter can work with digital pressure meters, so as to realize the measurement & control for pressure.

With internal 80% FSO shunt calibration, UMPB-a’s zero and span is adjustable, and its amplified output signal can be inputted to PLC directly.

Because of its features of high accuracy of pressure measurement, this product is widely poplar in oversea and home market.

UMPB-b Melt Pressure Transmitter is manufactured by using a temperature sensor based on UMPB-a, suitable for melt pressure and temperature measurement. Its performance is same as UMPB-a.

UMPB-c Melt Pressure Transmitter is manufactured by using flexible extension based on UMPB-b, providing further thermal isolation for electronic circuitry. Its performance is same as UMPB-a.

UMPB-d Melt Pressure Transmitter is manufactured by using a temperature sensor based on UMPB c, suitable for melt pressure and melt temperature measurements. Its performance is same as UMPB-c.

UMPB Series Melt Pressure Transmitters are widely used for melt pressure measurement and control in chemical fiber equipment, plastic and rubber manufacturing equipment, medicine equipment, food processing equipment etc.
  • Integrated stainless steel construction
  • Good stability & reliability
  • Internal shunt calibration signal of 80% FSO
  • Hastelloy-C diaphragm available on special request
  • Zero & span adjustable


Pressure Ranges

  • 0 ~ 35...2000 bar

Overload Pressure

  • 200 % Full Scale

Output Signal

  • 3.33 mV/V (for Transducer), 4~20 mA, 0~5 V, 0~10 V, 1~5 V


  • 0.25 % Full Scale, 0.5 % Full Scale (Standard), 1 % Full Scale

Load Resistance

  • RL = (U-12 V)/0.02 A (4~20 mA Current Output), U-Loop Voltage (V)

Long-Term Stability

  • < 0.2 % Full Scale/year

Supply Voltage

  • 10 Vdc (for Transducer), 12 ~ 36 Vdc

Compensated Temperature Range

  • 0° ~ +80° C

Maximum Operating Temperature for Wetted Parts

  • +350° C for UMPB-c or UMPB-d
  • +200° C for UMPB-a or UMPB-b

Temperature Coefficient of Zero

  • 0.5 % Full Scale/10° C

Temperature Coefficient of Span

  • 0.5 % Full Scale/10° C

Insulation Resistance

  • 100 MΩ @ 50 Vdc

Process Connection

  • 1/2”-20 UNF-2A or others

Electrical Connection

  • 6 pin Male Tighten Connector or others

Temperature Sensor

  • J Type (Fe-CuNi) Thermocouple or other type on request

Thermocouple Connection

  • 2 pin Plug in Connector

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